Re: [uCsimm] Question on soldering BGA's (ELAN)

Date: Thu Feb 24 2000 - 08:34:00 EST

> Please excuse the off-topicness...
> We're having trouble getting our prototype board soldered together,
> mainly because of an ELAN CPU from AMD (it's a BGA with something like
> 380 balls on it.)
> Does anyone know of some place we can pay to get them to solder just
> that one chip on the board (and maybe the whole board after we get
> the prototype working..?) Aside from that, any tricks or hints that may
> give us a chance of doing it ourselves?

Are you in Phoenix? I imagine it would not be too hard to find
someplace out there to do it; the company I work at is in central
Massachusetts, and we occasionally have someone drive out to a
place that does BGA rework for us. I'm not on the hw side, though,
so I don;t know the name of the company or how we found them. If you'd
like, I could ask.

On a related note, I see from your web page that Candela Tech makes
Ethernet test equipment. The company I work for makes a CMTS, and
we currently use Ixia boxes for testing, but are also looking at
netcom smartbits for some large testing due to some issues we have
with the Ixia. How does your box compare to these two boxes?


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