Re: [uCsimm] Question on soldering BGA's (ELAN)

From: Robert Poor (
Date: Thu Feb 24 2000 - 00:19:58 EST

For difficult, short fab runs I've used Best Technologies
in Texas:
        Best Technologies (BTI)
        Phone: 972 429-9305
        FAX: 972 429-9217

I haven't yet used BTI for BGA parts, but I checked
with them a few weeks ago and they confirmed that
they're set up to handle them.

BTI isn't exactly cheap, but they've done superb work
with every job I've sent them.

- Rob Poor
  MIT Media Lab

Ben Greear wrote:
> Please excuse the off-topicness...
> We're having trouble getting our prototype board soldered together,
> mainly because of an ELAN CPU from AMD (it's a BGA with something like
> 380 balls on it.)
> Does anyone know of some place we can pay to get them to solder just
> that one chip on the board (and maybe the whole board after we get
> the prototype working..?) Aside from that, any tricks or hints that may
> give us a chance of doing it ourselves?
> Thanks a heap,
> Ben
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> Ben Greear (
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