Re: [uCsimm] Time for Linux!

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Date: Wed Feb 23 2000 - 21:53:35 EST

Hi, all
I agree that uClinux will do real processing in our environment.
about a year later? or a month later? i donot know. but i'm sure that
it will. Great thanks to Jeff, and contributors.
In my area, some customer alreay have interest in uClinux and
maybe someday's later my boss would push me to do real project
embedding uClinux.
Some engineers could hesitate to use embedded linux but this
would be overcomed becase of today's request for network capabilitis.
and for me, if i must develop something for real use, i definitely
choose uClinux because of it's linux development environment and
because of my love to uClinux (but i don't want to use it for simple device
in which it's overkill. :-)

well, "Time for Linux....", Isn't it today?

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제목: [uCsimm] Time for Linux!

>As the maintainer of this list and supporter of Jeff's uClinux
>revolution, I feel it necessary to put my 10 cents worth on this
>"David Smead" wrote:
>> Embedded systems is where Linux is going to dominate first, if it
>> isn't already. Anyone starting from scratch to write an embedded
>> application would be nuts not to use Linux, even if the realtime
>> extensions are still evolving.
>Right on!
>I am very happy to see that our efforts have created a legacy already!
>Linux in the embedded space has arrived. And I am proud of the
>efforts that everyone on the uClinux and uCsimm list have made
>in improving and expanding uClinux. As a Linux OS that Jeff and
>Kenneth started over 2 Years ago, uClinux has come a long way.
>Real commercial products have been shipping and others
>are on the way that take advantage of our uClinux OS.
>Hardware like Rt-Control's uCsimm, MoretonBay's VPN router,
>Aplio's and Axis's products have assisted in providing support for
>uClinux. While not all companies brand their products with the uClinux
>name they all use the base code that Jeff and Kenneth created and
>named uClinux!
>I predict that it will be only months before uClinux becomes the first
>choice in Linux OS for use in commercial embedded microcontroller
>applications where size and cost matters. The reallity is that the
>contributions and support from the OpenSource community will help
>make this come true! For this reason I would like to thank everyone
>for contributing to the uClinux - Embedded Microcontroller Linux Project.
>Michael Durrant
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