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From: Tom Walsh (
Date: Wed Feb 23 2000 - 15:57:53 EST

Jeff Bauknecht wrote:

> My company has been looking at different operating systems for our next
> product. We are probably going to have a PowerPC processor (860). The
> product is going to be a PBX. The real time extensions to Linux are getting
> better. We have one problem that is keeping Linux from being our solution.
> That is a conference bridge. A conference bridge takes several audio
> sources sums them together, averages them and sends them back out. This is
> processor intensive. It has to be hard real time. LynxOS has put out
> Bluecat, but it is only soft real time. This might be to encourage people
> to use their LynxOS for the hard real time applications. Is anyone aware
> of a solution for this? I.E Hard real time extensions for Linux?
> Thank You
> Jeff Bauknecht
> PremiseNET, Inc.
> I have been pushing Linux here at work and need help.

    Not all solutions have to be a 'single chip' one, nor can they be, it sounds to
me that your solution is that of a multiple processor one: a processor that passes
data around on the IP network and the other processor to do the heavy work of
summing the voice data.

    Round pegs + square holes type of problem, like trying to do DSP with a PIC



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