[uCsimm] Hard Real time Linux

From: Jeff Bauknecht (jbauknecht@premisenet.com)
Date: Wed Feb 23 2000 - 08:21:38 EST

My company has been looking at different operating systems for our next
product. We are probably going to have a PowerPC processor (860). The
product is going to be a PBX. The real time extensions to Linux are getting
better. We have one problem that is keeping Linux from being our solution.
That is a conference bridge. A conference bridge takes several audio
sources sums them together, averages them and sends them back out. This is
processor intensive. It has to be hard real time. LynxOS has put out
Bluecat, but it is only soft real time. This might be to encourage people
to use their LynxOS for the hard real time applications. Is anyone aware
of a solution for this? I.E Hard real time extensions for Linux?

Thank You

Jeff Bauknecht
PremiseNET, Inc.

I have been pushing Linux here at work and need help.

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