[uCsimm] miniLinux.

From: Tony L. Svanstrom (tony@svanstrom.com)
Date: Wed Feb 23 2000 - 04:00:51 EST

Hi list;

I thought I was going to find the answer I'm looking for by lurking, but
since the noice seems to be here already I'm asking instead...

(Exactly what can I do with a uCsimm?)

What would be my options be today if I wanted a mini-server connected by
ethernet? What I'm meaning by mini-server is in this case the smallest and
cheapest possible hardware needed to be able to set up a webserver (must
handle Perl-scripts). Memorywise I'm thinking memorysticks.
The servers wouldn't exactly handle heavy warez-sites, more like small
businesses or personal sites.

I'd like to see any and all thoughts regarding this.


Per scientiam ad libertatem. 1999 Tony L. Svanstrom

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