Re: [uCsimm] Patch RTLinux for uclinux, Frank example

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Date: Tue Feb 22 2000 - 20:04:30 EST

HI, Freddy SUAUD

Thanks for your interest!
Maybe you didnot rtf device files incorrectly. Write problem with device
file could not be a
exact reason because all device files including tty0, is in normal /dev
directory and we
could open/write to ttys.
Did you make device files like this?

cd your-development-dir/romdisk/@dev
mknod rtf1 c 63 1
mknod rtf2 c 63 2
mknod rtf3 c 63 3
mknod rtf4 c 63 4

and make image with this romdisk image, and gohead.


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제목: [uCsimm] Patch RTLinux for uclinux, Frank example

>Hi kwonsk,
>first you've done a very good job in this RTLinux patch for uClinux.
>It's ported into the 68328 and seems to be well initialised and it made no
compilation problem before it.
>Thank you !
>Now, i am testing the Frank example but the Fifos don't seems to be created
at the compilation in the Romdisk at the dev directory.
>When i run the application, it answers an opening problem with rtf1 and
>If i put empty files rtf1,rtf2,rtf3 in the dev directory, there's an
opening problem with rtf3 because dev is in a Read Only Config.
>Is there anyone who can help me ?
>Freddy SUAUD
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