Re: [uCsimm] RT for uClinux

From: Stuart Hughes (
Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 04:53:31 EST

Paugam Luc wrote:
> Hi Kwonsk,
> How is it possible to get your RTL v0.9J patch for uClinux?
> I got on this mailing-list only the next small patches!!!
> I looked at zentropix FTP site, but there is nothing.
> And once again, thank's to kwonsk, bernhard and the others for the very good
> work done.

Hi Paugam Luc,

Sorry I have been so slow getting a mail out. Kwonsk kindly let me put
this on I thought it was more appropriate there than
on the Zentropix site as it was independent GPL work.

Credit should go to Bernhard and Kwonsk for this port, and of course
Victor & Michael for the original work on which it is based.

To find it go to:

If you would like me to put a pre-patched kernel that I have tested on
there please send a mail to the uClinux list.

(Apologies for the cross posts)

Regards, Stuart

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