RE: [uCsimm] Using two or mor uCsimms together??

From: Paul Haas (
Date: Mon Feb 07 2000 - 18:54:33 EST

This the wrong list for talking about 486's, but it keeps coming up.
I think the Linux Router Project,, has to deal
with this more often, so searching their site may turn up some hints.
Asking on their mailing lists would be inappropriate. Likewise, I suspect
the Beowolf cluster folks have to contend with these questions too often

Here's what a few minutes of web searching taught me. You can get an
266 Mhz AMD K6 motherboard with memory and ethernet for about $110, so I'm
confident that someone who was inspired could find a 486 for less.

I looked on for cheap motherboards with CPU's.
Looking at other sites, looking for components separately, or spending
more time at will certainly find something cheaper. I found a motherboard
with a 266 Mhz AMD K6 for $89, this was from (I
have not done any business with that company, and don't know how good they
are). This motherboard takes SIMMs or DIMMs, so it can use cheap obsolete
RAM (remember, SIMMs are much slower than DIMMs). It has an ISA slot, so
it can hold a cheap ethernet card. 10Mbit ethernet cards are very cheap.

If you do that, you'll get a system that is cheaper and is much much
faster than a uCsimm, it is also much much larger and uses much more
power. You won't be able to configure an AMD K6 based system that uses
less power than a single uCsimm, but with some care you could configure a
system that uses less power per unit of CPU power.

If power, space and weight are not big penalties in your environment, then
the uCsimm is not for you. The uCsimm does make sense in different

The uCsimm makes sense if:
   o The uCsimm is fast enough for the application
   o there are space constraints
   o there are weight constraints
   o there heat issues (no fans needed!)
   o vibration issues (no sockets)
   o other such things (
   o possibly better temperature range (what is it for the uCsimm?)

I currently don't have an application for a uCsimm, so I'm just a lurker.
I have dreams.
     Danger USB digression ahead:

I expect I'll buy something once someone gets a USB master node working
under uClinux and more USB peripherals become available. Hmmm, must do
more research before starting these posts. Looks like I want a or something
like it. First I want Microchip to start volume production on the PICs
with USB built in. I know PIC assembly code, so I'm waiting for the PIC
for my peripherals.

The author of _Dave Barry in Cyberspace_ refered to my
cats by name, but called me "the webpage author".

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