RE: [uCsimm] We are back from New York but are very tired from th e long drive

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Date: Mon Feb 07 2000 - 13:17:16 EST


This is a bit off topic and I can imagine you were quite busy, but did you
happen to stop by the VA Linux Systems presentation of their 64-bit Linux OS
at LinuxWorld?

John Cwiklinski

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Subject: [uCsimm] We are back from New York but are very tired from the long

Ok so we are back from New York!. The trip to Linux World
was fun. The number of vendors has increased and the .org
pavillion was looking very sparse. The uCsimm was displayed
at two booths at the show [Zentropics and Rt-Control]. Our
thanks to the guys at Zentropics for the exposure!

As for operating systems every one along the embedded
linux row at the show claimed to support everything you
asked of them. It was a real eye opener. I had a lot of fun
talking to people at the show about products based on
our work with uClinux.

Peter from MoretonBay joined Jeff and I at the booth and
showed off the MoretonBay NetTEL. Looks slick. If things
go well we may put up an online order page for their uClinux
based products on the site in the next few

Paula has told me that while Jeff and I were in New York for the
show, the pick and place people have received the last of
the parts required to start assembly on the next batch of
uCsimm modules.


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