RE: [uCsimm] Using two or mor uCsimms together??

From: Stu (
Date: Sun Feb 06 2000 - 06:57:23 EST

> Hi
> 1a) Is it possible to use two ore more uCsimms together in a device??
> should be something like a Multiprozessor system and/or cluster???
> What would be necessary to lokk at, if grouping and/or
> clustering would
> be
> possible???

No reason why not, but plenty of reasons why you'd want to use a 386 or
something similar instead (i.e. twice as fast and 1/10th as expensive).

> 1b) If 1a) is possible would this be supported ba uClinux or
> would one have to
> do some
> coding to support the multiprozessors/clusters???

I'm pretty sure they removed multiprocessor support to make the kernel tree
smaller. Why would you want to cluster them to begin with?

> 2) is the uCsimm package double ore single sided??
> means are the chips mounte on one side of the simm or on both ??

All the *chips* are on one side, but there are a couple SMDs on the back.

Seriously, if you need a cluster, the uCsimm is about the least economical
way to build one. Think about it. A uCsimm costs nearly $200. You can get a
486/100 that will run about 20 times faster (the chip, motherboard, memory,
etc.) for about $100. And that 486 has the ability to offer memory
protection and native floating point math. Believe me, we had this argument
on the list about half a year ago. Building a uCsimm cluster might be a cute
science experiment but it would be extremely impractical, both in terms of
horsepower and money.

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