[uCsimm] FLASH questions

From: David Beckemeyer (david@corp.earthlink.net)
Date: Sat Feb 05 2000 - 14:23:29 EST

I could really use answers to these questions. Is there a formal
tech. support number for RT-Control? I'm grateful for this list and
the fantastic support from the community of volunteers, but I'm a
little concerned about the number of seemingly simple questions
regarding uCsimm that really fall to RT-Control but go answered.

Here are my questions again:

1. How many times, practically speaking, can one rewrite boot env

2. Regarding the flash_erase_range() and flash_write_range() API
calls, I need help interpreting the documentation. I presume I
could use locations from the top of the OS area down, assuming I
keep my OS image small enough to avoid conflict. Will that work?
I need clarification on the arguments. I believe for the "flashptr"
argument one would always the pass the starting address of the
flash, e.g. 0x10c00000. Is that correct? Regarding the "start" and
"end" arguments, are they byte offsets (vs. page numbers)? I
further assume that start/end must be on 4K boundries. Is that
correct? Are there other limits on start/end? Is the range
start/end inclusive (i.e. start=0x1ff000 and end=0x1fffff or
start=0x1ff000 end=0x200000)?

If I missed the answers to these questions, I humbly apologise.


  - david

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