[uCsimm] Quickcam support for uCsimm

From: David Jones (spd_racer911@yahoo.com)
Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 17:56:39 EST

  I am very close to getting the B/W Quickcam working
with the uCsimm. I am using the qcam-lib that was
originally written for x86 Linux. The quickcam
uses 8 bits out, 5 bits in ( 1 nibble, 1 handshake ),
and 3 other outputs for control. So I am using PortD
for the 8 data out bits. Then I am using the Port
that is used for an LCD as I/O. ( I forget the name
of that port...don't have the manual in front of me
right now ).
 The hardware consists of a DB-25 female, 2 74HC541
buffers for the 5v - 3.3v interface. I have heard
different things regarding whether the EZ328 is 5 volt
tolerant or not...but to be safe the buffers are

I should have the hardware part done very soon, and
the software there after. The qcam-lib library I am
starting from makes things pretty easy.

I realize that I am using quite a few of the I/O pins
doing the hardware this way, but this is only an
experiment...other options can be considered later
to save I/O. And if anyone knows a place for cheap
color cams that have hardware details available
let me know. BTW cheap = < $ 75.00.



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