[uCsimm] novice needs an elmer, please help the newbie

From: Robert Tagliarini (bobtag@cftnet.com)
Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 14:16:45 EST

Hello Vladimir,
I'm trying to get uclinux running on my motorola ez328ads eval board. I have
downloaded and installed the RPMs from xoom.com. I have also downloaded
the linux- tarball and extracted it in /opt/uClinux. In the
linux- directory I did a make config where I think I answered
the questions appropriately for the ads target. Here are the diffs between the
generated .config and arch/m68knommu/defconfig
# diff .config arch/m68knommu/defconfig
< # CONFIG_M5206 is not set
< # CONFIG_M5206e is not set
< # CONFIG_M5307 is not set
< # CONFIG_M5204 is not set

> # CONFIG_M68EZ328ADS is not set
< # CONFIG_UCSIMM is not set
< # CONFIG_RAMKERNEL is not set
< # CONFIG_UCCS8900 is not set
< # CONFIG_68328_SERIAL_RTS_CTS is not set
< # CONFIG_68681_SERIAL is not set

Are these the correct settings for the ADS board?

I did a make with this config and appear to have created a linux image. How do I get this image into the ADS board and run it? So far with the ads board I have only used SDS single step debugger and the monitor that comes in the ads boot rom. I'm guessing that there is the equivalent of the SDS monitor for uclinux and that it has to be placed in the ads boot rom (this I could do) but I haven't found that code yet. Please point me in the right direction.

I'd also appreciate it if you would tell me the correct ADS board configuration switch settings to work with uClinux.

Thank you very much, Bob Tagliarini This message resent by the ucsimm@uclinux.com list server http://www.uClinux.com/

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