[uCsimm] Re: novice needs an elmer, please help the newbie

From: Vladimir Gurevich (vgurevic@cisco.com)
Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 15:08:20 EST

Hello Robert,

Your .config looks fine.

To build a "flashable" image you have to make sure that the file
romfs.img in your linux directory points to the romdisk image,
the appropriate root filesystem.

After that simply say

    make flash.b

> I did a make with this config and appear to have created a linux image.
> How do I get this image into the ADS board and run it?

I wrote a kermit script which is (almost) functionally equivalent to
BBUG.EXE provided by Motorola. Using this script you can switch
the board serial port rate to 115200 (for speed), load a b-record
file, examine and modify memory.I also ported their FLASH utility.

You can get all this stuff from ftp.employees.org/vag

ftp://ftp.employees.org/vag/bbug -- bbug utility
ftp://ftp.employees.org/vag/at_flash.b -- FLASH writer (binary)
ftp://ftp.employees.org/vag/at_flash.S -- FLASH writer (source)

What you have to do is:

0) get kermit

1) mv at_flash.b /usr/local/lib/bbug/flash.b

1) make sure that ALL DIP switches on your board are in the 'ON'
   (closer to the board's edge)

2) Connect the board to your serial port

3) Start bbug

4) init (and press the reset button on the board)

5) program_flash /opt/uClinux/linux/flash.b

6) Open (move to the 'off' position) SW2/6 and SW2/7

7) Press the reset button.

uClinux should boot.

Happy hacking,

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