Re: [uCsimm] ucsimm-head.S broken?

From: Vladimir Gurevich (
Date: Wed Jan 19 2000 - 20:25:37 EST

Hello Tom,

Tom Walsh wrote:

> This an interesting problem... I got less effective results with
> your sources (unpatch with the diff you had on the site)
> than I did with the RT-Controls distro!

I didn't quite get that...

1) What is "less effective results" and why you are so excited about
2) What did you use: the patch or tarball? I told you to use the latter (i.e.
   since they are totally different.

> the ABCDEF, so we can assume that:

What kind of image are you using: RAM or ROM based? (looks like ROM).
Do you compile it using "make FLASH_LOAD_ADDR=0x10000 flash.b" and
then load using bbug and tc_flash.b? Please, make sure that tc_flash.b
has the appropriate preamble.

Please, check the baud rate that is set during the serial driver
initialization in 68328serial.c uCsimm sets it to 9600 and my
boards use 115200. If you use my bbug you'd better use 115200 too.

> make clean ; make linux.bin' I did get it to loop on the 'ABCDEF', so
> I have a debug 'Here!'. Why do I have to do a full recompile, this
> seems weird, is it because the source tree is a series of makes and
> there is intermediate linking of some kind being done?

Well, "make clean" wipes out all .o and .a files ...

On a more productive note: send me your diffs and I'll try to take a
To make this process even more productive, make sure that the schematics
you have on the web is the latest one.

Happy hacking,

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