[uCsimm] Bootloader environment variables

From: Claudio Duffini (radames@sacrocuore.it)
Date: Tue Jan 18 2000 - 02:34:21 EST

Hi all again.

I am building a medium scale project with ucsimm. It is
a network of ucsimms that takes care of communications
in medical environments. I use the rs232 port A LOT, and
I wonder if should exist some method to avoid a ton of
characters on the rs232 port when bootloader and uClinux starts.
Should I play with the CONSOLE environment variable
to disable this ? After reading the warnings on manual of
uClinux, i am a bit worried of loosing control of my
uCsimms setting the variables in some stupid mode.

And, btw, I would thank (A LOT) who posted the MAX311x extension
to have a second serial port using the SPI. I decided to
not patch the kernel to the 1pre1, but rather (for now)
to extract and adapt some routines from the proposed patch,
incorporating them in my apps. It works very fine :-))))
I am so satisfied of uCsimm that ordered four units more.
For my purposes i found uCsimm/uClinux pretty stable and

Keep up the good work :-)

Claudio Duffini

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