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Date: Mon Jan 17 2000 - 23:11:18 EST

Hi, Joe Lang.

>uCbootstrap v1.0 (c) Copyright 1999 Rt-Control All Rights Reserved[13;67H
>FLASH type 2249 [AM29LV160B][14;29H
>DP|004000 DP|006000 DP|008000 DP|010000 D-|020000 D-|030000 [15;61H
>D-|040000 D-|050000 D-|060000 D-|070000 D-|080000 D-|090000 [16;61H
>D-|0a0000 D-|0b0000 D-|0c0000 D-|0d0000 D-|0e0000 D-|0f0000 [17;61H
>D-|100000 D-|110000 D-|120000 D-|130000 D-|140000 D-|150000 [18;61H
>D-|160000 D-|170000 D-|180000 D-|190000 D-|1a0000 D-|1b0000 [19;61H
>D-|1c0000 D-|1d0000 D-|1e0000 D-|1f0000 D-|200000 [20;51H
>B$ [21;4H
>Can you give me a description of what I am looking at?
>What do the hex values indicate?
>How do I get the device to boot up the uClinux os?
>Where is the uClinux os?

What you see, is just a message showing Flash Memory Sector address and
P means protected sector for bootloader.
Just type 'go', it will start loading linux.

>How about the cross compiler?
>Once the uClinux os is running, will I be able to nfs mount a file system
>on my work-station, build ucsimm applications, and then log on to the
>uClinux os and execute those applications in the nfs directory?

Well, you could get the files from

>Can you send me an ASCII file of the manual that comes with the cd?

As Far As i Konw, there is no manual in the CD, I've got printed manual
with CD.

>All of this stuff is really new to me but really exciting!
>Anything that you can tell me sure would be appreciated!

Reading previous mail archive for uCsimm could be help for you
full archive is at

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