RE: [uCsimm] uCsimm, MB and CD for sale

From: Alex Perry (
Date: Mon Jan 17 2000 - 13:01:40 EST

> On 15-Jan-2000 Donald J Dionne wrote:
> > 3, MAXIM had problems delivering the RS232 line driver
> > chips. We had
> > to use a different chip (another small change to the board).

From: Jim Richardson []
> Maxim has a real problem meeting ship dates, we have a big
> problem with them
> all the time with their dc-dc converters and 232 chips. On
> the plus side, they
> are good designs and they are happy to sample a couple to
> you if you ask. They
> just seem to have trouble shipping production numbers on time :)

It might be worth looking into the restrictions on sample
quantities. Some of the manufacturers have hard limits
(of for example 10 if the part is <$10) on how many samples
can be provided to one company but have no objection to
companies collaborating to accumulate more samples.
They figure that, if you're going to go to that much trouble,
you're bound to buy plenty in the future when they're available.

With that in mind, it might be worth checking up on Maxim;
I tend to avoid using them for the stated reasons above.
If you need sample reqs sending in (and the results forwarded)
just make sure you tell me exactly what to ask for (and why).

Most other ucsimm customers would probably be able to do the same.


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