[uCsimm] uCsimm for production

From: Egil Kvaleberg (egil@kvaleberg.no)
Date: Mon Jan 17 2000 - 08:09:47 EST

Among a couple of other alternatives, I am investigating the possibility
to use the uCsimm as a starting point for developing an embedded device
for a client. It will be produced in small to medium numbers.

The development cycle of programs for the uCsimm is the most intriguing
aspect, and my client would definitely use some uCsimms for development.
The 32k limit is a concern, but hopefully one that can be handled. We are
also not too impressed by execution speed compared to similar Arm devices,
but it might be ok - still investigating.

For production, we are concerned that:

        The price for the module is too high for production,
        and we don't need Ethernet anyway.
        (Might be nice to have it as a possibility for the future,

        We cannot set ourselves in a situation where we can't deliver,
        so delays for delivery of uCsimm modules we have seen this autumn
        would not be acceptable.

I am keen to suggest a model where they make a PCB where one can
either mount a SIM socket and an uCsimm, OR one can mount a
Dragonball with FLASH and some RAM on the PCB itself.

This gives concern for the FLASH bootstrap code resident on the uCsimm.
What is the status of that?


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