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Date: Fri Jan 14 2000 - 15:36:40 EST

Rob Scott wrote:

> On Fri, 14 Jan 2000, Tom Walsh wrote:
> > Tom Walsh wrote:
> >
> > Okay, <whew!>, I have my platform up!!! So far, the 8M Flash is working
> > (programmed some bytes, thanks Vladimir!), 8M DRAM is working, and the External Memory
> > access as well. Still need to test the SPI to the Dallas clock and the /SRESET logic.
> >
> Great! BTW, I believe that m68k devices are big endian, as opposed to
> intel processors, which are little endian...

    Yeah, I always get confused as to what to call it when the Big end starts first in
memory, maybe that is why they call it "big endian"? ;^)

> > Also, I need to put together a skeleton Makefile to start building a downloader to
> > program the Flash (I am not familiar with the GNU make utility), does anyone have a
> > small skeleton project that I can use as a standalone foundation to build upon? I
> > know that I can spend some time with dissecting the Makefile for the kernel, but I
> > would appreciate saving some time right now, please keep in mind that the downloader
> > will be GPL'ed.
> >
> You might try looking at colilo, available at:

    Thanks, this is exactly what I needed, it is a small compact project that I can now
start hacking apart and use to start building my loader from. I have a lot to learn about
gcc, as I see a lot of the volitile directives your sources, the optimizer needs to be told
not to make the Flash, SFR, etc, not to be an optimized array, eh?

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