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From: Erwin Authried (
Date: Thu Jan 13 2000 - 14:40:27 EST

Larry Doolittle[] wrote:
> Their processor is definitely not an ARM derivative, at least according
> to their documentation. They have info on their processor on the web
> at .
> I doubt that they are using uCLinux, although many concepts and
> possibly even some code is shared. A quick trip through their
> processor data sheet showed no mention of an MMU.
you are right, the ETRAX 100 doesn't have an ARM core.

But, wait, that's not their only processor:

        Hard Copy Observer - September 15, 1998
        Axis Rolls Out Next-Generation Etrax 1200 Network Chip

What a surprise, this announcement is on the NETsilicion NET ARM news
page, thus this one propably has an ARM7TDMI core.

Maybe they are using this processor in their camera? In this case,
the source would be a great help, assuming they used uClinux.
Or did they stop developing this chip, and rolled out the ETRAX 100 instead?
There are lots of information and press releases for the ETRAX 100,
but there's almost nothing on the net about the Etrax 1200.


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