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Date: Thu Jan 13 2000 - 05:31:33 EST

I read the GPL start to finish recently. From what I recall, they have to
make the code available via "reasonable means" (i.e. floppy disk).

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> > This is a uClinux device. I have reason to believe that they are
> > using an ARM7TDMI core, but I could be way off base. In any event,
> > there are real serious problems with Axis, they refuse to answer
> > requests to return the changes they have made to uClinux.
> I just went to and they say they plan
> to release the code in dec 99 so they're running just
> a little late. ;^)
> > Since I
> > know of no one who owns an Axis device, I cannot demand the code
> > since the GPL does not require them to provide source to third parties.
> Are you sure about this? I grock the GPL a little different.
> I thought they had to supply the source on the net or on media for
> a nominal fee to anyone requesting it.
> Dave
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