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From: Donald J Dionne (
Date: Thu Jan 13 2000 - 02:00:58 EST

> > I have seen Axis's CamServer which has an embeded linux and cam build-in.
> > For you info, you may visit
> Right. This is the camera with Boa web server built in. They have
> promised us (the Boa developers) access to their Boa modifications,
> but I haven't seen them yet. It's a strange critter; the processor

This is a uClinux device. I have reason to believe that they are
using an ARM7TDMI core, but I could be way off base. In any event,
there are real serious problems with Axis, they refuse to answer
requests to return the changes they have made to uClinux. Since I
know of no one who owns an Axis device, I cannot demand the code
since the GPL does not require them to provide source to third parties.

> is proprietary, so even if the system software were held in Flash,
> the user has no hope of reprogramming it.

This is of course not allowed. Rt-Control may have to purchase an
Axis device in order to have legal grounds to demand the return of the
code, but this is of course not something high on our list of priorities.
We do need to protect uClinux for the community, however. Hopefully they
will do it on their own in short order.

D. Jeff Dionne,

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