Re: [uCsimm] about 32-bit PIC

From: Alexander V.Komarov (
Date: Tue Jan 11 2000 - 05:28:21 EST

Erwin Authried wrote:

> In your example, the .data section will be too large.
> The 32-bit PIC patches don't change the .data+.bss limits.
> If you are executing code on a NFS mounted directory,
> the current kmalloc complains if the .text segment is larger
> than 128k. Thus, the unlimited .text segment is only
> available when the application is burned into flash.
> I have now modified the gcc patches to use a0 instead
> of a4, because a0 may be used in calls without saving anyway.
> Thus, the "old" 16-bit PIC may be mixed with 32-bit PIC
> without any restriction now, as long as the 16-bit offsets are
> not out of range. For my tests, I have left the C library
> with 16-bit PIC, the only file that has to be modified is
> crt/crt0.s. I removed _cleanup from the crt0.s and added
> it as a dummy function at the end of my application.
> The "bsr exit" has to be changed to a 32-bit call.
> I believe it would be best to make 32-bit PIC a compiler
> option for m68k-pic-coff:

Is there some stuff in uC-libc (sysdeps directory which also calls "bsr") ?
I used to change them, but it was some time ago.

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