[uCsimm] Serious player

From: iMax Tech Engineering (imaxsz@szonline.net)
Date: Mon Jan 10 2000 - 02:28:53 EST

Hi All,
    We're going to play seriously with the H/W based on uCsimm. What our expected are :
    1. Interface uCsimm with a interrupt driven keyboard controller w/KCLK, KDATA interface
    2. Display on a 480x64 LCD or 80 char x 8 lines Text based
    3. Text based applications software port in (such as wordprocessor)
    4. TCP/IP in both ethernet and modem.
    Is there any resource avaliable of such hacking? Any application software avaliable?
    We're also looking around for provider of solution too. If interest, please send private mail to ccyau@imax.com.hk
    ... do uCSimm+uClinux is a right choice for such a text base TCP/IP terminal?

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