RE: [uCsimm] RTL Port, actually RTAI.

From: Jim Richardson (
Date: Fri Jan 07 2000 - 22:46:45 EST

On 07-Jan-2000 Stu wrote:
>> Phil mentioned that there were two other gentlemen trying to find
>> time to do the Real Time stuff for the kernel: Bernhard Kuhn, and
>> Florian Pflug. I just wanted to update you on my status, I received the
>> proto PCBs this morning, destroyed (?) one in mounting the surface mount
>> parts, and succeeded in building the other. I have not yet put power
>> to the board to see if the BDM is 'alive', but expect to do that early
>> next week (I have a Linux file server to deliver to a customer that used
>> to run only Windoze!).
> Speaking of SMT parts, I got the MP3 evaluation board from IMBDev
> ( Lots of surface-mount components. Can someone point
> me to a good web or FTP site with hints on how to do this? I'm doing OK so
> far, but I doubt I'm using the best soldering iron / solder combination.
> Failing that, can someone suggest a good wattage for a soldering iron and/or
> a good type of solder to do SMT with? The kit was $160 and I don't want to
> screw it up too quickly. :)

If you don't mind spending about $100 more, get a good heat gun with the smt
tips. Far easier than even a fine tip iron, although you do have to spring for
the paste solder.
 Other than that, a 15-25 watt iron is fine, although you'll want a fine tip
for a lot of the flat packs and such. Simply orient the chip right, tack down a
corner, then the opposite corner, and then solder the remaining corners and
start doing the sides. You can clean bridges easily with solder wick, but don't
get any under the device, you'll play merry hob getting it out. For small
componants like resistors and such, either use paste solder, which sort of
sticks them down, or use a *tiny* dot of superglue to hold it down. After a
while, you'll find that the glue isn't really neccessary, because if you flow
the solder on one pad, the resistor is drawn into alignment by surface tension,
although you have to be careful not to let it tombstone on you. It's not hard
really, just takes patience, and a handful of used dental picks don't hurt :)

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