Re: [uCsimm] RTL Port, actually RTAI.

From: Tom Walsh (
Date: Fri Jan 07 2000 - 11:41:16 EST

Stu wrote:

> > Phil mentioned that there were two other gentlemen trying to find
> > time to do the Real Time stuff for the kernel: Bernhard Kuhn, and
> > Florian Pflug. I just wanted to update you on my status, I received the
> > proto PCBs this morning, destroyed (?) one in mounting the surface mount
> > parts, and succeeded in building the other. I have not yet put power
> > to the board to see if the BDM is 'alive', but expect to do that early
> > next week (I have a Linux file server to deliver to a customer that used
> > to run only Windoze!).
> Speaking of SMT parts, I got the MP3 evaluation board from IMBDev
> ( Lots of surface-mount components. Can someone point
> me to a good web or FTP site with hints on how to do this? I'm doing OK so
> far, but I doubt I'm using the best soldering iron / solder combination.
> Failing that, can someone suggest a good wattage for a soldering iron and/or
> a good type of solder to do SMT with? The kit was $160 and I don't want to
> screw it up too quickly. :)
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If you are dealing with the 0.050" pitch leads, then just a 10 watt iron and some
fine solder will do the trick, use plenty of flux (the flux will help you when
"wiping" out solder bridges). A friend of mine has a rather novel approch to these
parts, first he solders them to the board (without regard to solder bridges), then
he uses solder wick to pick up the exess and removes any bridges!

If you are dealing with the 0.020" pitch leads, then the only real way to do these
parts is with the right equipment. I looked a number of manufacturers, had two of
them demo their stuff, and finally purchased an outfit from Zephyrtronics
(''). Look at
'' to see what I just put
together last night. It took about 2.5 hours to put this board together, once I got
the technique of "pasting" the parts onto the board (I destroyed one board while in
the learning process, "hot air leveling" is not an ideal finish for a PCB and this
will be the last time I use a PCB house that uses that process)!

When looking at the Zeph system, keep in mind that you need both the Air Bath (I got
the cheaper model, 7 CFM for $299), and the Air Pencil. If you intend on hacking
hardware in the future, I think that you may want to consider investing in this type
of equipment?



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