[uCsimm] RTL Port, actually RTAI.

From: Tom Walsh (tom@mytoys.com)
Date: Fri Jan 07 2000 - 00:26:13 EST

    Phil mentioned that there were two other gentlemen trying to find
time to do the Real Time stuff for the kernel: Bernhard Kuhn, and
Florian Pflug. I just wanted to update you on my status, I received the
proto PCBs this morning, destroyed (?) one in mounting the surface mount
parts, and succeeded in building the other. I have not yet put power
to the board to see if the BDM is 'alive', but expect to do that early
next week (I have a Linux file server to deliver to a customer that used
to run only Windoze!).

    At what point is anyone at with respect to working on the Real Time
stuff? Has anyone made any progress? I have a BDM loader to write so
that I can upload program into Flash and then I will be turning my
attention towards implementing some of the RTAI stuff under the kernel,
provided that my board runs...



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