RE: [uCsimm] Every program its own copy of libc ?

From: Alex Perry (
Date: Thu Jan 06 2000 - 17:53:30 EST

> From: Donald J Dionne []
> [...]
> I have patches for that already. Wrote them when I wrote the
> code for the PalmOS GNU gcc and binutils.
> [...]
> I have code that can be reused to generate stub libs.

You mean, you've already done most of the work and not told us
about it ?! Grin.

> > ... having a script that links a specified library onto the end
> > of the kernel image, then recovers the symbol table for where the
> > symbols inside that library have ended up.
> Handling this sort of thing is another issue. Have a look at
> the PalmOS Glib shared libraries.

Will do. It's after the silly task of having my ucsimm boot
when (while it is doing so) there is a device on the serial port
continuously spewing binary data into it at high speed. The brute
force solution is a relay from an I/O pin and two RS232 connectors.

> Well it's more likely that we would put shared libs in the filesystem
> just like linux.

That would be nice but, in the context of how I understand uclinux to
work, I don't see the benefit. If we put them statically in the kernel
then they live in the flash rom image at runtime. If we put them into
the filesystem then they take up flash space and (when in use) also
the RAM space that they have been loaded into. Or am I missing something?

> Now that seems like something we can actually do...

Yeah ... cool !

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