[uCsimm] uCsimm and RTOS

From: Edmund Troche (ETroche@IRSINC.com)
Date: Thu Jan 06 2000 - 14:44:00 EST

I've seen some interest in having a RTOS running on the uCSimm. Has anyone
considered porting the RTEMS OS
to this platform?.

Here's some info. on RTEMS:

RTEMS is a real-time executive with the following features:
* multitasking
* homogeneous and heterogeneous multiprocessor systems
* event-driven, priority-based, preemptive scheduling
* optional rate monotonic scheduling
* intertask communication and synchronization
* priority inheritance and ceiling protocols
* responsive interrupt management
* high level of user configurability
* reentrant ANSI C Library
* addition of the FreeBSD TCP/IP stack
* configuration via GNU autoconf
* POSIX threads and real-time extensions
* C++ Binding for Classic API
* new Board Support Packages:
* self booting pc386 BSP
* psim (for free PowerPC 60x simulator)
* helas403 (PowerPC 403)
* ods68302
* bare BSP
* port to the Hitachi SH
* better integration with the GNU tools
* support for more hosts including CygWin32 and FreeBSD.
* GNAT/RTEMS (native Ada tasking with RTEMS)
        Has already been ported to the Motorola mc680x0, Motorola 683xx,
Motorola ColdFire, Intel i386 and i960, HP PA-RISC, SPARC, MIPS, PowerPC,
AMD a29k, and Hitachi SH.

        You can download it from

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