[uCsimm] interrupt

From: Peter E. Thomas (peter@beast.ods.org)
Date: Thu Jan 06 2000 - 14:38:32 EST

I am new to linux/uclinux programming. I am wondering how difficult it
would be to diable all interrupts to the board, except for the one I am
interested in. On that interrupt I would have a routine that simply polls
a pin to monitor an 8khz clock. When that clock goes high I will write
out 8 bits ofdata on one pin and a shift clock on aonther, as quickly as
possible. I intend to set up a network connection before this interrupt,
and then manually send and receive from the ethernet controller,
periodically dumping the data I have collected onto the network. If this
is pratical please tell me, and feel free to give me any hints as to how
this would be implemented.

Thanks alot,
Peter Thomas

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