Re: [uCsimm] Kernel module support

From: Bernhard Kuhn (
Date: Thu Jan 06 2000 - 13:12:27 EST

Stuart Hughes wrote:

> I've been looking into the possibility of porting RTLv1 to uClinux. One
> of the first requirements is that you need kernel module support (as the
> RT apps are loaded as kernel modules).

Hi Stuart!

I think, having modules would be a nice commodity, but they are not absolutly
necessary with uClinux, as it is intended for small embedded systems:
IMHO, it is ok for most rt-apps, when the whole realtime stuff (basics and apps)
compiled into the kernel and started when the power is supplied.

The other possiblity would be to have the basic rt-stuff compiled into the
kernel, and starting the rt-apps like normal programms and inform the
scheduler (maybe using /proc or ioctl on a /dev/rtscheduler) that there are
some new threads. But that is not a nice way and only a quick&dirty hack
because of missing module-support :-)

At least, modules are not necessary for begining with porting rt-linux:

I just finish the basic interrupt handling layer. Today evening,
i will document it step by step (like at RTAI), so everybody
can understand what's going on - and post everthing, of course.
The problem is, that it isn't possible to have a unified patch for
all 68k-uclinux-plattforms, because interrupts are handled different.
There has to be a "port per plattform" - but all with the same pattern.


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