[uCsimm] Boa with CGI

From: 권석근 (kwonsk@mutech.co.kr)
Date: Thu Jan 06 2000 - 00:44:08 EST

hi, all
Boa with CGI works well,
Mr. Larry might want to report CNC data to the internet using Web Interface.
After some experiment (I also want make small web based data server),
It's possible, uCsimm made me easy.
I've setup boa with cgi-script (base on cgihtml library, it's somewhere on
the net),
and used shared memory scheme (about 1M bytes) for Data Log Area.
Idea of shared memory was got from EMC project (see Rt-Linux site).
Parameter (such as sampling time) could be changed through cgi script and
sampled data could be served when Client (Browser) request GET method.
It just works without any trick. looks like normal webserver/cgi

Well, limitations of uCsimm?
1) Not as fast as Pentium.
2) Fine sampleing time could'nt be achieved yet. (use interrupt? or wait RT
    this problem about sampling time drift is normal in the non-rt linux
area isn't it?)

Erwin Authried 's suggestion about removal of text segemnt size limitation
great. (where could i get it?) Data/bss area don't make big problem because
of malloc.
Making 65K size code to 64K needs too unnecessary effort to me.
Then do i feel unhappy with uCsimm? Absolutely No. For embedded system
programmer like me, 64K (for each task! with Mega bytes scrach pad) is
enough mostly.

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