[uCsimm] I2C bus pinouts

From: Daniel J. Feren (gt7693d@prism.gatech.edu)
Date: Wed Jan 05 2000 - 17:29:04 EST

    I've had experience with the I2C bus and with UART, but I'm
more comfortable with I2C, which I venture is faster. I plan to
connect the uCSimm to an FPGA via the I2C bus;
Unless anyone knows if and why that is inadvisable.

    Does the uCSimm have two interconnects for the I2C bus? Moreover,
which uCSimm pinouts would contain the SDA and SCLK signals? I'm
guessing the clock would be the SCLCK which may be a good edu. guess.
I'm not sure which pin contains the SDA signal. All I've got is the one

page uCSimm data sheet.


Daniel James Feren
Georgia Institute of Technology, Computer Engineering

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