Re: [uCsimm] please: help me solve the uCLinux dilemma

From: David Smead (
Date: Wed Jan 05 2000 - 11:03:11 EST


If you have a serial port on the CNC machines - I suspect you do - and you
can get data over that serial port, then you can us the uCsimm with
minimal hassle.


David Smead

On Wed, 5 Jan 2000, Enrico Migliore wrote:

> dear friend
> sorry to bother you, I imagine you are pretty busy but if you
> could give me some suggestion I would be thankful to you for life.
> I'm a design engineer and work as an independent consultant for
> some Italian firms, I design electronics systems: from PCB to
> to embedded application. I'have worked on Hitachi H8 an Motorola
> HC912 and some Microchip.
> Right now I'm called to design an embedded web server that should
> publish on demand some internal parameters of CNC machines, on the
> Internet.
> Here's my dilemma: should I stick with usual uController solution or
> focus my attention
> on ucLinux project?
> In words: what would be the best investment in terms of time:
> 1. Jump in the project
> 2. Follow the usual way: pick up a ucontroller, buy the TCP/IP stack,
> maybe an RTOS
> develop the embedded application with an emulator
> /******* Advantages of uCLinux *********/
> 1. Enter the world of Linux
> 2. Use POSIX compliant file system et cetera
> 3. Use pre-tested TCP/IP stack software
> 4. Definitive choice for new embedded design
> /******** Disadvantages of uCLinux ********/
> 1. Scarse LINUX internal functions documentation
> 2. uCLinux project is still under development
> 3. No official support of ucLinux
> 4. No realtime management of events, as far as I know.
> /******** Advantages of ucontroller **********/
> 1. Faster than uCLinux, at least for me, because I don't know much of
> Linux from the
> point of view of the developer. So, I'll have to invest some time in
> learning Linux internals
> 2. lower cost solution and smaller footprint on PCB
> 3. pre-tested TCP/IP stack software
> 4. Official support
> 5. Realtime
> /****** disadvantages of ucontroller ********/
> 1. it's a custom application: no standard to adhere to when developing
> embedded software
> 2. I have to buy TCP/IP/PPP because don't trust "homemade" solution
> 3. I have never used gcc, yet I like windows-based cross C compilers.
> Last: how long would it take to a typical design engineer with deep
> knowledge of C
> and embedded software developent, to get feeling with Linux?
> I do thanks anyone who could help me solve my dilemma.
> Enrico
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