[uCsimm] please: help me solve the uCLinux dilemma

From: Enrico Migliore (enrico.migliore@fatti.com)
Date: Wed Jan 05 2000 - 05:56:27 EST

dear friend

 sorry to bother you, I imagine you are pretty busy but if you
 could give me some suggestion I would be thankful to you for life.

 I'm a design engineer and work as an independent consultant for
 some Italian firms, I design electronics systems: from PCB to
 to embedded application. I'have worked on Hitachi H8 an Motorola
 HC912 and some Microchip.
 Right now I'm called to design an embedded web server that should
 publish on demand some internal parameters of CNC machines, on the
 Here's my dilemma: should I stick with usual uController solution or
focus my attention
 on ucLinux project?
 In words: what would be the best investment in terms of time:
 1. Jump in the project
 2. Follow the usual way: pick up a ucontroller, buy the TCP/IP stack,
maybe an RTOS
    develop the embedded application with an emulator

/******* Advantages of uCLinux *********/
 1. Enter the world of Linux
 2. Use POSIX compliant file system et cetera
 3. Use pre-tested TCP/IP stack software
 4. Definitive choice for new embedded design

/******** Disadvantages of uCLinux ********/
 1. Scarse LINUX internal functions documentation
 2. uCLinux project is still under development
 3. No official support of ucLinux
 4. No realtime management of events, as far as I know.
/******** Advantages of ucontroller **********/
 1. Faster than uCLinux, at least for me, because I don't know much of
Linux from the
    point of view of the developer. So, I'll have to invest some time in
learning Linux internals
 2. lower cost solution and smaller footprint on PCB
 3. pre-tested TCP/IP stack software
 4. Official support
 5. Realtime
/****** disadvantages of ucontroller ********/
 1. it's a custom application: no standard to adhere to when developing
embedded software
 2. I have to buy TCP/IP/PPP because don't trust "homemade" solution
 3. I have never used gcc, yet I like windows-based cross C compilers.
Last: how long would it take to a typical design engineer with deep
knowledge of C
and embedded software developent, to get feeling with Linux?

I do thanks anyone who could help me solve my dilemma.
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