[uCsimm] lcd, framebuffer,...

From: Filip Peters (filip.peters@metris.be)
Date: Mon Jan 03 2000 - 05:15:02 EST

Hello all,

some questions about the ucsimm and 1/4 vga screens...
I'm currently setting up a 320*240 lcd screen, and I'd like to know
which environment variable's to set? (what are other people using for a
standard 1/4vga screen?)

Should the kernel recognize this screen automatically for the
framebuffer or do I have to recompile the ucsimm kernel (are there any
options I have to set)?

Also, I noticed I have double entries in the /dev directory on my
ucsimm, will this go away with the latest kernel? The one I'm using now
is from the ucsimm cd.

Many thanks and a happy new year,


Ir. Filip Peters

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