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From: Tom Walsh (
Date: Fri Dec 31 1999 - 02:33:01 EST


    Okay, will try to keep this onto the list. I had assumed that it was necessary to move
this off the list as it may have been "off-topic". The uClinux list may be more
appropriate, but that list seems to be involved with Palm ports? This list seemed to be
more dedicated to providing support / discussion on the uCsimm device.


Donald J Dionne wrote:

> > > > next week, i will have some more spare time to spend on it ...
> > > I looked into the rtl-patch a few days ago... if you could send the things
> > > you have already done, I could see if I can ge things to run...
> > >
> > > greetings, Florian Pflug
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> > Lets take this to direct email. I am committed to doing RT on the 68K and only
> > hampered by getting my platform up and running. The timeline is approx 3 weeks in
> > getting the platform upl
> No, please do NOT take these sorts of things directly to email. We need this sort
> of thing on the list. Also, please make sure you're working towards a patch we can
> fold into the mainline uClinux tree...
> For those working on ports or patches... please send them to the list or directly to
> me in the same format you would for mainstream Linux.
> diff -urN dir1 dir2
> will generate the correct format.
> In the queue, I have the following things to merge or on my ToDo list...
> MCF5204 chip support, generic m68k/coldfire port (me) now in an old tree
> 68EN302 chip support, generic m68k/coldfire port (Vadim from Aplio) now in a 2.0.33 tree
> 68EN360 chip support, generic m68k/coldfire port (ChrisW) in a tree
> Finish ColdFire merge (Greg U) in a hybrid tree
> ARM7TDMI merge of preliminary code (Vadim from Aplio) now in a tree
> i960 needs testing
> Memory leak in the NFS code (it's in the memory allocator actually, min free stuff)
> Anything else you want merged (I'm thinking drivers and such, I don't have time
> to go visiting everyone's web site, be I try) please send to
> I'd like to personally thank everyone for the work they have done :-) Can I make
> a request from me, the humble maintainer though? Please, in future can I get
> clean patches _before_ they become HUGE patches from an old tree... This would make
> my life far easier. Your code does not have to work or be complete, please guys
> and gals _don't_ work in isolation). What I'd like to get is things like
> "Here are 5 patches that do 1 2 3 4 5... and together those are support for 68xxx
> (or whatever) and fix bugs x and y with this proposed change to the generic <whatever>
> support."
> Cheers! Happy holidays everyone :-)
> Jeff.
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> > TomW
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