uClinux for Motorola MC68360


This package supports the Motorola MC68360 QUICC (Quad Integrated Communications Controller) under uClinux. It is a snapshot of a work in progress.


The kernel source tarball is based on uClinux2.0.38.1pre7. The 68ez328 was used as a model to get the CPU running. I decided on back-porting Dan Malek's quicc support for mpc860, as it provides a relatively clean, unified approach to the SxC ports. The uart driver supports SMC1-2, SCC2-4. SMC2 is the only thing I've had a chance to verify so far.

romfs.img, the root filesystem image, is now appended to the kernel rather than being compiled into drivers/blkmem.c (the old method).


The first platform supported by this¹ package is Lineo's uCquicc, a board with a Motorola 68360, serial console, ethernet, IDE, and three highly configurable sync/async serial ports.


I've been using the tools from the May uClinux CD, plus gdb 4.18 for bdm with patches from here


to do:


¹other 68360 uClinux work:

Michael Leslie <mleslie@arcturusnetworks.com>
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