H8-uClinux port

Here is a brief README to get people started with the H8 port of uClinux.

Get the h8300-elf tools and install them as per the HOWTO at:


Get the latest uClinux-dist,  currently:


Extract it:

	$> tar xzf uClinux-dist-20030305.tar.gz

Apply the patch (any versions later than the above will already include the
following patch):

	$> cd uClinux-dist
	$> gunzip < h8-dist-20030305-20030430.patch.gz | patch -p0

Config for your target (in this case the EDOSK2674):

	$> make config

Select thesesettings and press enter on all other options:


You will get a lot of output while it configures the tree.

	$> make dep
	$> make

Once that completes you will have an images directory containing
your own compiled versions of the binaries that can be downloaded here:


Follow the instructions in the HOWTO above for ways to program this image into
the EDOSK2674 and update it with new versions.

Other places of interest for H8 users are:

http://www.ucdot.org                       - Embedded Linux/uClinux Developer Forum
http://www.azpower.com/H8-uClinux/         - H8S uClinux Project Site
http://sourceforge.jp/projects/uclinux-h8/ - Yoshinori Sato's H8 page

David McCullough