Getting Started Guide to AXIS Developer Board

Serial Number/Ethernet Address

The ethernet address of the developer board is the same as its serial number. The serial number is found on the label on the back of the board.

Setting the IP Address Temporarily

The developer board has a default IP address ( that most likely needs to be changed to make the board work on your local network. The board does not support automatic IP setting (e.g DHCP) per default. You need to aquire a unique IP address (ask your network administrator). For the initial setting of the IP address the board needs to be connected to the same network segment as your client.

Use any of the following ways to set the IP address within two minutes after booting the developer board (press the reset button to reboot if you are too late):

ARP and ping from Windows or MS-DOS:

  1. Start a DOS prompt window
  2. Type the following:
    arp -s <IP address> <Ethernet address>
    ping <IP address>

    arp -s 00-40-8c-12-34-56

ARP and ping from UNIX or GNU/Linux:

  1. Start a shell
  2. Type the following as superuser (root):
    arp -s <IP address> <Ethernet address>
    ping <IP address>

    arp -s 00:40:8c:12:34:56

This sets the IP address temporarily. You must now put the IP address and subnet mask in a file on the developer board to make it permanent, otherwise the default IP-address ( will be set again when the board is rebooted.

Making the IP Address Permanent

Once the IP address have been set temporarily it can be set permanently using HTTP, telnet or FTP.


  1. Start your web browser of choice.
  2. Open the URL http://<IP address>/ Example:
  3. Choose Edit network settings and edit the variables according to your local network. Then click on the Save file button.


  1. Telnet to the IP address of the developer board. Example: Start a command tool (MS-DOS prompt, UNIX shell etc) and type telnet <IP address> (e.g. telnet
  2. Edit the file /etc/network/network.conf using the editor /bin/easyedit.
    Example: easyedit /etc/network/network.conf
  3. Change the IP address (and subnet mask).
  4. Save the file and exit easyedit by pressing <ESC> a a
  5. Close the telnet connection by typing exit


  1. Start your FTP client of choice.
  2. Open a connection to the IP address of the developer board.
  3. Log in as user root with password pass.
  4. Download the file /etc/network/network.conf
  5. Change the IP address (and subnet mask) in the file.
  6. Upload the file to the developer board.
  7. Close the connection to the board.
Test your configuration by rebooting the developer board and pinging it.
Example: Press and release the reset button on the developer board, wait for approximately 20 seconds (until the developer board is up and running) and type ping <IP Address> (e.g. ping

Development Environment

The file contains installation instructions for the development environment. Source code is available at

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