Re: [uClinux-dev] `: [uClinux-dev] (newbie) How to compiler the uclinux 2.4.x for arm. I met errorsin make

From: Tom Walsh (
Date: Wed Oct 17 2001 - 07:24:24 EDT

Erwin Authried wrote:
> PC32 YPXin[] wrote:
> >
> > hi!
> >       "the beginning of arch/arm/armnommu/Makefile"--??,maybe,you mean,
> > two directories arch/arm and arch/armnommu.  Following your advice,I modify
> > the two Makefile --- add the "__linux__"
> > but the compiler arm-elf-gcc didn't accept it.
> >       I just want to compile uclinux to arm board. and i have set to text,
> > does it work?
> >
> Sorry, it's arch/armnommu/Makefile. I was confused because of the HTML attachment.
> If you don't turn that off, I don't read HTML e-mail anymore from now, thus I couldn't
> provide you any help. There's nothing to add in the Makefile, it should already be there
> in the CFLAGS assignment. Have you verified your top-level Makefile?

I agree with you, there is starting to become too many HTML formatted
messages on this list lately.  It is annoying to me to read LIGHTBLUE
chars on a WHITE background at a 8 point dot-pitch.  I personally wish
that I had control of the listserver so I could add a bit of code to the
listserver that would reject any HTML formatted messages!  

In my opinion, this is a failure upon Lineo's part to specify / police
the policy of this list.  You get these people who wander in from the
Micro$oft world expecting that their narrow little world extends to the
rest of us.  I personally find it very annoying to have to squint at the
screen to read some of this stuff!  I am finding that I don't even
bother to read the HTML formated messages lately, just toss them into
the Trash..



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