[uCdimm] Missing 0x10 in incoming serial stream

From: mdurrant@uclinux.org
Date: Tue Jun 12 2001 - 18:36:40 EDT

The original 68328serial.c was intended for console operations for what I
recall. The intent of control-P and control-R handling was to
allow on console debuging of an operating module. So that the control-P
would printout debugging register information and control-R would allow
for remote rebooting of the uCsimm module. A handy feature when using the
xcopilot emulator or uCsimm for debuging applications.

For uCsimm users I see that Evan has updated the cvs.uclinux.org version
of 68328serial.c found at:

This will only enable this debugging mode for uCsimm and xcopilot consoles
when the __KERNEL_DEBUGGING__ flag is thrown at the root level Makefile.

As for uCdimm its serial driver supports multiple serial ports. I will
see if Evan and Michael Lelsie can post a patch.


On Tue, 12 Jun 2001, Andrew Bealing wrote:

> Ah ha!!!! I was just looking at the file 68328VZserial.c when I got this message and spotted it straight away! Many thanks. > > If only Evan (at least he had the balls to intial his mods!) could know how much grief he just caused me (and others too it seems)..... > > Thanks again Joaquin and eveyone else who contributed. > > I'm flashing the new image as I speak, so I'll know if my 'fix' (commenting-out) worked. > > Cheers. > AB > > -----Original Message----- > From: Joaquin Garay [SMTP:jtagaurj@bi.ehu.es] > Sent: Monday, 11 June 2001 21:25 > To: uclinux-dev@uclinux.org > Subject: Re: [uClinux-dev] Missing 0x10 in incoming serial stream > > I got the same problem a few days ago and found the answer in the mail > archive. The message posted was: > > > Anyone involved with binary serial comms with uClinux ? > > If the serial driver does strange things (e.g. output > > unwanted status reports, or uClinux reboots) look at > > /opt/uClinux/linux/drivers/char/68328serial.c in the function > > receive_chars and..... OUCH !!!!! > > Is this a "feature", or someone forgot to remove this ????? > > The ^C and ^R characters have special functions asociated. You were > lucky about having problems with the > ^C string, I got the ucsimm reseted once and again whenever a ^R was > received and almost go crazy trying to figure out WHAT was making the > ucsimm reset. > > jokin > This message resent by the uclinux-dev@uclinux.org list server http://www.uClinux.org/ > This message resent by the uclinux-dev@uclinux.org list server http://www.uClinux.org/ >

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