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Installing without the CD

First, download an unmodified 2.0.38 Linux kernel, "linux-2.0.38.tar.gz", and unpack it into /opt/uClinux, or wherever you prefer to keep your source.

Download the latest uClinux patch (uClinux- at the time of this writing) from http://www.uclinux.org/pub/uClinux/ and unpack it to /opt/uClinux/linux.

Then patch it by typing 'patch -p1 < uClinux-'.

Download and unpack uClinuxgcc-kit-160899.tar.gz into /opt/uClinux/ (Note: this file contains patches to build m68k compilers only.):

Download (but do not unpack) binutils-2.9.1.tar.gz and gcc- into /opt/uClinux. 'cd' into /opt/uClinux/uclinuxgcc-kit-160899 and edit Makefile to set the install directory (INSTALLDIR). This is where the uClinux compilers will be installed. Now type 'make' to install the toolchain. (Note: you must have flex or lex installed)

To build a uClinux kernel for the uCsimm, cd into /opt/uClinux/linux and type 'make menuconfig'. Select the desired options, save, and exit. Then type 'make dep', followed by 'make linux.bin'

Download and unpack uC-libc-160899.tar.gz and uC-libm-060199.tar.bz2 into /opt/uClinux/. 'cd' into uC-libc and type 'make'. Do the same with uC-libm. This will create the files libc.a and libmf.a.

32-bit PIC patch for m68k-pic-coff gcc-
This patch was done by Erwin Authried and is not supported.

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