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Using uClinux is an excellent way to embed your system! Whether you are an enginner, student, hobbiest, Linux-enthusiast, or all the above :P, getting started with uClinux is a smooth and painless process. A good starting point for the most up-to-date resources and information is the uClinux-dist and this Guide to getting started with uClinux.

Riaan van Boom put together a quick start document for people new to uClinux. This document is a step by step guide to setting up the software up to a point where the kernel can be downloaded to the evaluation board.

For some older information, You can purchase an official distribution CD, or download all the necessary files, just click below to see the "getting started" guides!

Getting started with the official CD distribution of uClinux:    [html]    [.txt]

Getting started with downloaded source code:    [html]    [.txt]

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